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Empowered For Life… Program – we offer seniors lifestyle opportunities!

We are happy to announce that our Wellness Center Programs have

been expanded, specifically designed to support medical visits, annual

screenings and medication therapies; in particular, we have

introduced a new “Empowered for Life” Program uniquely


  • Fitness Classes –  Exercise at Home

  • Creative Activities

  • Social Interaction/Events

  • Health Education

These programs help seniors increase self-confidence, improve

memory and mental clarity, promote social activities and improve

physical and mental functioning. The environment is fun, encouraging,

and gives seniors an opportunity to meet others who share the same interests and build on skills they already have. Our goal is to help seniors maintain their independence and live happier, more complete lives.


This FREE program is exclusively for HDMG’s Medicare Advantage 65+ members.

Ask our team today to see if you are eligible.

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